Monday, March 22, 2010

In Valve We Trust

Today I came across some news (read MASSIVE SPOILERS ZOMG) for the upcoming Left 4 Dead 2 DLC, "The Passing" that leaves me . . . uneasy. Obviously, if you want to remain surprised you'll want to stop reading now.

For real, yo.


Bye now.

Oh, you can't wait either can you? Okay, well, the source of my hesitation comes from this little bit of information from Valve's Chet Faliszek who recently revealed the tagline to the new DLC: No One Lives Forever. Seems he's painfully correct as he also revealed that one of the four original survivors will not, um, survive. Seems one of them will scarifice themselves so that the other three can carry on.

I have to say . . . I'm pretty shocked at this sudden twist. I'm not sure if I like serious sauce in my Left 4 Dead sandwich. Though I do think it's funny that when I told Lynsey and a mutual gamer friend of ours both of their reactions were the same: "I hope it's Louis".

Sorry buddy, but you have no personality.

I suppose though, only the coming days will tell.

. . .

I hope it's Louis.


  1. LOLOL! ME TOO. Effing Louis. When I get angry at him I call him "Lew-ie."

  2. I would actually prefer it to be player choice. That one of the players will have to run off solo to trigger the final escape so that the other three can get away. Make the solo part hard so that not everyone can do it. Then make there be an achievement for doing it so that everyone wants to try.

  3. I believe that there will be a "canon" death that happens in the comics, but in the game itself, it will be different every time. Each time through the campaign, SOMEone will have to stay behind and block the door/set off the bomb/distract the horde/etc.

    Which is so awesome - that's such an iconic zombie movie moment, the moment of sacrifice, so I'm pumped that Valve decided to include it. But I, too, am curious to see who gets offed in the official version.

    If it were a movie, I'd put my money on Frances. It's always the coolest character who gets it. There's no time for debate, so he throws Zoey a wink, makes a wry reference to something they were talking about earlier, and goes out in a blaze of glory.

  4. Kirk - I really hope that's true. That would seem to be much more fitting to L4D then the same survivor dying each time. In addition, as much as I would hate to think of Francis no longer being around, I can totally see him saying, "you know . . . I don't hate you guys" before sacrificing himself ;)

  5. Oh wow, totally agree with Kirk on this one. That would be an awesome experience.

    Just to stir the pot though, I hope France's kicks the bucket. It would finally put an end to the whining.

    "I hate sacrificing myself for the greater good."