Saturday, August 21, 2010

Save Me Some Sugar

If there is one thing Valve is good at, it’s teasing.

Oh, and making fantastic, timeless games.

But my God, they are good at teasing.

Last night, as I eagerly waited for the promised GameTrailers special which would provide not only new details on Portal 2 but information on the upcoming Left 4 Dead DLC, I finally took notice of the fact that it would be airing at 12:30 AM pacific standard time. I guess I can throw in a third thing Valve is good at: hating the east coast.

Oh, how I jest . . . . and went to sleep.

But! Here we are the next day and I’ve seen this video in all its glory and I am freakin’ excited for everything happening with Left 4 Dead. First, there’s the digital comic book – a 150 page account of not only how the original survivors made it down South but also a look into their personal back stories and, of course, and explication for how Bill met his fate. The comic book will be released on-line in four separate installments and while I’m not crazy hyped about it, the artwork does look good and I am very curious about the story.

Now, as for this upcoming DLC entitled, “The Sacrifice”: it appears from the trailer that it will actually be a downloadable campaign for Left 4 Dead 2 using the characters from the original game. The video shows the first survivors in the second game’s engine – you see not only better graphics overall but things like Francis using the M60 and silenced sub-machine gun which are only found in the second game. Did I mention you also see a charger running at them? What’s really, really interesting though is that there is also a clip of a charger attacking the original survivors during the “No Mercy” campaign which, of course, was only in the first game.

Perhaps the DLC will be coming to Left 4 Dead 2 and Left 4 Dead will be updated to import the new special infected? I suppose only time will tell but either way, I’m excited!

The video really is a great watch, not only for the Left 4 Dead news but for Portal 2 and its co-op campaign. Give it a watch and help to remind yourself why Valve is the best game developer out there. < / fangirl devotion >

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bioshock times...

Cary has taken over this site, hasn't she? Well, time for me to step in! ... Actually, Cary was the one who suggested I post about this. I'm just seizing the opportunity to post about something that Cary hasn't gotten to before me. Yeah, I went there.

Guys, GUYS! The Bioshock franchise will live long and prosper, and now we have visual proof from a debut trailer released by Irrational Games:

This has been in the works for several years, claims Irrational Games, and you can read more about the new game on Joystiq's website and find out how this game is going to blow. your. MIND.

Bioshock: Infinite isn't to be thought of as a sequel, but more of a renewed vision of the Bioshock series. Does that make sense? If you haven't watched the video yet, do it. All the elements that made Bioshock so refreshing, vibrant, and intoxicating are still there... but we're thrown into a whole new world.

What do you guys think? I was pretty clear on my views of Bioshock 2 before its release and I have to say, this is no different for me.