Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Like all I have done, this is an act of love

Unless you've been living under a rock, you probably know that Bioshock 2 comes out a week from today. And if you have any brain at all (or at least taste), you're about to pee yourself with excitement like me.

Last year, Bioshock 2 was slated for a November 2009 release and then in July, 2K announced that it was being pushed back to the fiscal year of 2010. All I'm saying is, I'M SO GLAD THEY ONLY PUSHED IT BACK TO FEBRUARY. I'm dying over here.

Here are some things about the sequel: you play as a Big Daddy in Rapture, seven years after you last visited. And if that last sentence doesn't make any sense, you need to go rent Bioshock and play it right now. I'm not kidding.

Last year, Cary and I each talked about our favorite video games and, well, Bioshock was my choice, which I shouted at the top of my nerdy lungs. I'm not the only one who sang at the top of rooftops about this game -- it received astounding 10/10 reviews all over the gaming world and, guess what? I've been informed that Playstation 3 Magazine has come out and said that Bioshock 2 is better than the original. As Cary said to me in a text: "Them's fightin' words." I'm not so much concerned about the game being better -- I just want it to be good. And I have faith.

This post isn't necessarily to say anything special or new about the impending release of Bioshock 2, but more of an all-points bulletin to gamers. I know no better way of saying how anxious I am for this game but to tell you that I requested that day off from work so I could spend the entire day playing this game... and they gave it to me. See you there?


  1. "Unless you've been living under a rock, you probably know that Bioshock 2 comes out a week from today. And if you have any brain at all (or at least taste), you're about to pee yourself with excitement like me."

    Oops! Boy I sure clicked the wrong link! I'll just be moving along now. :(

  2. My lord, but this year has gone crazy with the releases. Any other year, and I'd've had this release marked on my calendar, but right now, I had utterly forgotten that it was coming out. How am I supposed to beat Bayonetta AND Mass Effect 2, in addition to, like, keeping my job and not forgetting, like, how to WALK? Thank God they delayed splinter cell: conviction!

    Jeebus. When it rains, it pours.

    Color me cautiously optimistic about Bioshock 2. The first one was so great, I'm not sure that a sequel can do anything BUT screw it up. But I'll be playing it, sure as shooting.

    Shooting plasmids that is. Out of my HANDS.

  3. Kirk,

    I'm in the same boat as you. In fact, it's only been in the last few days that I've actually been genuinely excited for this game; I'm been driving Lynsey insane with my skepticism.

    I really am looking forward to playing it Tuesday, though.

    ~ Cary

  4. If I could be a pedantic fanboy for a moment;

    "Here are some things about the sequel: it's actually more of a prequel. Also, you play as a Big Daddy before the fall of Rapture."

    It's the multiplayer portion of the game which is the 'prequel' -- it's set during the fall of Rapture when chaos and destruction overwhelmed Rapture's walls. The actual single player game is a continuation from where the original left off, set ten years AFTER those events.

    Pedant Nismo aside, my anticipation for this game knows no bounds. I'm extremely eager to make my return to Rapture, but bias aside, if the game can maintain the incredible atmosphere and continue showing the beauty of Rapture (both visually and as a once-functioning city), then I'll be happy. I do get the impression some people are setting themselves up for disappointment with this game, but I suppose it's a bit hard not to when the original is so good.

    Is it Tuesday yet?

  5. Hey! I wrote the BioShock 2 review for PC Gamer, and I just wanted to say that I didn't say it was better than the first game. Parts of it are! But other parts of it aren't. Overall, I gave it a lower score than we awarded the original (90% versus 95%).

    It is good, so don't fear.

  6. Steven - Ha! When I read that I totally went, ". . . oh riiiiiiight, RIGHT!" It's so funny. I called Lynsey and told her and we both realized that despite the fact that we totally know the game takes place after the first we did constantly think of this game as a prequel. I guess the multiplayer must be throwing us off.

    Graham - That's totally my bad. I had just read the reviews from Playstation Magazine and PC Gamer and I must have gotten them confused. I'll go ahead and edit the post and add the proper link so things don't get confused. Thanks for clearing this us!