Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Alms for the Geeky

Now that Lynsey and I are wicked famous and all, we feel as though we need to make some updates to the blog. Mainly, we’d like to start doing some more advertising both on-line and in reality but before we do we need a logo. Nothing fancy or even that special, just something we can use which would be a unique connection to Play Like a Girl.

The reason I’m posting about this however is that I have no creative juices flowing in that direction and Lynsey is wicked busy finishing her silly graduate degree. Basically, I’m saying we’re useless and in need of handouts.

If some kind, geeky soul out there would be willing to work with us on creating a logo for this blog s/he would have our undying gratitude which is totally worth way more than money - of which we have none unless you count a few Canadian pennies we get on accident.

So if you’re interested in being awesome and amazing, please contact us at playlikeagirlblog@gmail.com

Thanks, everyone!

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