Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Episode 5 is Live!

Episode 5 of the Play Like a Girl podcast is now live! Subscribe to us on iTunes (nudge, nudge) or click the link below. Even if you do not download via iTunes, please take the time to leave us a review there.

Thanks for the support everyone!


  1. I don't know why chicks never start playing games, but I understand some getting turned off by games like Wet or Velvet Assassin which are "geared" towards women and completely blow.

    My friends who are girls and play games mostly play stuff along the lines of Harvest Moon. Which I have played. And everyone knows how much Animal Crossing I've played. I really wish there were answers to this discussion. :/

  2. Great Episode, Guys. Thanks for covering two interesting panels at PaxEast(jealous*jealous). Looking forward to the next Jack Donaghey comment - now it's tradition! Mike checks are always a form of angst in my game, too, but then I have to also deal with the age factor - What?! Your SON plays, too?! O.o (Yep, Shaddup so I can kill you.)

  3. You two have great chemistry. Really enjoyable cast. Also, the '2K had this game called Civilization' comment killed me (in a good way). I suppose it was the contrast of a really intelligent conversation about the panels and then a total shift to 'It has George Washington or something'.

    @Kendall: You should check out coverage of the "What Color is Your Hero?" panel that was at GDC this year. (Also, there have been similar talks on this at other GDCs which you might be able to find in their vault.) I think some of the things they state there can apply to female gamers as well. Things like the lack of diversity in studios and game protagonists.