Tuesday, September 15, 2009

She insisted

Cary and I have this long-running competition (that isn't really a competition) where we see who can have the nerdiest dreams. Well, it seems, after last night, I pulled into the lead.

I don't think it's a secret that Cary and I have been trying desperately to finish a "Left 4 Dead" campaign on Expert. What you don't know is that, last night, we nearly accomplished our goal. We got to the finale of "Death Toll" TWICE on Expert and died on the dock, TWICE, during the first tank. We have a way to go before we can manage to pull this off and claim that ridiculous achievement, Zombicidal Maniac, which should so totally be worth more than 30G.

At any rate, last night I had a dream that Cary and I finally beat a campaign on Expert and then we were contacted by a Microsoft (or Valve, maybe? I don't remember) representative to congratulate us and say "hey, because of your wicked awesome achievement, we're going to give you the new 'Crash Course' DLC early... You deserve it."

Valve. Microsoft. Are you reading this? ... No? Okay, well, please at least release 'Crash Course' soon. NOW? No? Fine.

SIDE NOTES: Cary got the All 4 Dead achievement the other day (even though she doesn't deserve it, ahem) but I got the Lamb 2 Slaughter one, too, the other day and she doesn't have it. Muahaha. But, she has Jump Shot, which I will never get because things jumping through the air hate me.


  1. I will never get Jump Shot either. Nope. I love the nerdtastic dream!

  2. I never got its equivalent in RE5 either. Ya know, headshot a village dude while he's leaping. I just am unable to do that certain mechanic, I guess. LAME.

  3. Say what you will, I AM very jealous of Lamb 2 Slaughter.

    and I totally DID earn All 4 Dead . . . just maybe not at that exact moment :p

  4. Argh, you both love teasing me don't you? :P
    Left 4 Dead 5 will be out by the time I get around to the original game, at the rate I'm going. I so badly want it, but I so badly want/need to get through my massive backlog of games as well.

    Sometimes I swear being an explorer/completionist is bad for me, but I can't help it! It definitely takes time away from getting to new(er) games though, but eh, compromise or something. Yep.

  5. Steven,

    It's not that we purposely tease you - the game really is just that good ;)