Friday, September 4, 2009

Ain't got the same soul.

The other day I caught a rather interesting commercial for Guitar Hero 5:

I really don't think I need to say too much about it; pretty sure it speaks for itself. This however isn't the first time writhing women have been used to sell Guitar Hero:

It's kinda funny: I don't remember Tom Cruise having only his underwear on in the original scene from Risky Business. I suppose in the developer's defense there is a version of the same commercial where Ms. Klum keeps the oversized shirt on but I've never seen that one on TV.

Is this just another example of using sex to sell a project or is this also enforcing the idea that video games are men's toys?


  1. Is either really positive? I'm thinking... not really.

  2. I second Lynsey's view; both options are not ideal and are prime examples of why Activision are the new EA, in the sense that they're not caring about their image so long as the lowest common denominator is buying their products. Which, unfortunately, they are, meaning the company thinks their methods are successful and are willing to replicate them in the future.

    On an aside, I'm aware that EA have done some questionable things in the past (Sin To Win) recently, but overall their image has changed in the past couple of years and I commend that, as I think it's for the better.

  3. You both make a great point: it isn't good regardless.

    It's kinda funny though because I remember thinking the Heidi Klum one was really clever when I first saw it until she stripped down to her underwear. It's a cute idea for a commercial but I think it's being executed in the wrong way.

    Why the hell Playboy needed to get in on it is beyond me.

  4. Good Lord, Hiedi! So much jiggle! It's a jiggle fest! Feeling to need to watch the "Angel's Revenge" episode of MST3K.