Saturday, September 5, 2009

Channeling Tim Curry

New information has arisen via Gameinformer regarding Left 4 Dead 2. We now know of a new level, new special infected, and new common infected. . . one very notable new common infected:

Do. Not. Want.

I hate clowns. If they giggle or laugh when they run at you I may very well have a heart attack. Still, no words can accurately express how excited I am for this game.

Also, I'd like to share a funny Halo story that happened to me the other night because damn it, zombie clowns shall not overtake this post! So I was sitting in the lobby waiting for a game of Slayer to start when another player suddenly gasped and went, "Hey everybody! Kill the girl! Kill the girl! The pink one . . . Rosen . . . rot! Rosen rot, you're mine!"


Now, not only am I pissed but I have to play really well on principle. Oh, and I should point out that my gamertag is German and is pronounced in the back of the throat like "rwosenrwot". Anyway, so the game starts and it's, of course, probably the only map in Halo 3 that I'm not very familiar with. Now, I should mention here that I don't consider myself good at Halo, but I'm also not bad. I've come in first place maybe 3 times but I've also come in last place maybe 3 times; most of the time I'm in the top 4.

So the game starts and up until the last 6 minutes I was in first place. And freaking out, I might add. When it was all said and done I ended up in 3rd but I beat out that guy who claimed he was going to slaughter me beforehand.

Then, Ladies and Gentlemen, guess what happened?

He sent me a friend request.

Oh, happy, happy day.

After I was done laughing, I denied it. Not gonna lie - it felt awesome.


  1. Ohhhhh, boys. Silly boys.

    The most irritating thing about Halo is that even when you and I were playing and private chatting, I could still hear the other people through the TV -- which was the most frustrating part.

  2. I LOVE YOU. That is brilliant. Nothing like putting people in their place. Especially, oh, especially, on XBox Live.

  3. I have to disagree with Lynsey a little, I actually enjoy the idea of hearing people speak through the TV while I'm in a private chat; it keeps me aware of whether people are speaking negatively about me, or planning to attack me, teabag me (rape me in Gears) and whatever else, so it's nice. Plus sometimes I can use it to my advantage in an unexpected way: if I hear a voice then it means I'm in proximity of a player, which means I'm more aware of my surroundings until I know where that player is so I can kill them. Or be killed. Either/or. Basically, it comes in handy for me but I can understand why it'd be annoying -- it definitely could be a distraction as one example, something not desirable when concentrating hard on survival within a match.

    Oh and Cary, I've always liked your Rammstein-referencing Gamertag. <3 that band.

  4. Steven,

    Awesome! You know their new album comes out next month?! I could not be more excited!

  5. I did not, actually. I've been a little (okay, extremely) behind with my music this year and the back half of last year. Just have not had the time, finances or anything else to keep up with music. Damn shame that is, but I'll try and remedy the problem with their album next month so thanks for the information.

    On a semi-related note, have you heard of Emigrate?

  6. Oh lolz loz - Steven, can't you just hear Lynsey rolling her eyes? The poor girl lived with me when we were undergraduates and all I ever talked about was Rammstein and anything related to them. So yes, I was very aware of Richard's side project Emigrate when it came out and though I don't think he should quit his day job (he's an amazing guitarist, not so amazing singer) I did enjoy it.

    My biggest disappointment with Emigrate was that it was in English.

    But yes, Rammstein have a new album coming out next month called, "Liebe ist für alle da" with the first single being released on Friday! I will be holding my breath and crossing all my fingers in hopes of a North American tour because has they haven't been to the States since 2001, I've never seen them live.

    My life is incomplete.

  7. Heh, how do you think I feel living in Australia, or more specifically, Canberra, the capital of Australia but also the city no one talks about because we all know Sydney (and if not that, Melbourne) are the only two important places in this country.

    Wait that sounds like I'm jealous or something -- I'm not, Canberra's a hole -- it's just, well no one comes here so if I want to see an awesome band play live I have to go elsewhere, which costs too much. :|

  8. Oh man, I do feel your pain. I do remember reading that the last time Rammstein visited Australia was pretty much ages ago. It was some rock festival and I think it was before Mutter was even released.


  9. I don't really want to know about all of the new stuff in the game, but I'm curious what kind of setting allow a zombie clown to be common?

  10. Oh, hai Nicolene!

    As far as I know, the zombie clown will only be in the "fun house" level.