Thursday, July 2, 2009

You're not going to like "Down Boy Down"...

We're all familiar with the Call of Duty series, right? Maybe? I wasn't, until this week. I mean, let me back up there, I KNEW what CoD was all about but I never felt a huge urge to pick it up and try it. But what can I say? I listen to reviews and I give into peer pressure. Apparently.

As of now, I'm a few hours into the game and the further I get, the more I enjoy my gameplay. By the time I got to "All Ghillied Up" I was wondering where this game had been all my life. At least, I was wondering why I hadn't bought it back in March when I first got my Xbox 360.

If you find yourself numbly going along at the beginning, power through it, because I know it's easy to get annoyed by the time you get to the mission with the AC-130 gunship... oh man. I've never been so aware of a church's presence in my life. Not that it was difficult, per se, but you shoot that church once and you have to restart. Hopefully if you do accidentally shoot the church, you weren't too far into that mission.

The moment where CoD4 truly captured my undivided attention, though, was directly after you save a pilot from a crashed helicopter. I don't want to give it away, but I will say it was epic. No other word for it.

Now all I can think about is the fact that I'm on mission 17 out of 22 and I'm not ready for this game to end. Luckily for me, Modern Warfare 2 isn't too far behind, as it is slated for a November 2009 release.

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  1. I . . . was not a big fan of "All Ghillied Up". I really liked the part where the captain got injured (read EPIC HELICOPTER CRASH) but I'm pretty sure you're a witch.

    That's the only way I can think of that you managed to get that achievement for not alerting anyone. Needless to say, I failed.