Friday, July 17, 2009

Action figure, schmaction figure. GIVE ME NIGHT VISION GOGGLES!

You know how video games like to release special editions when they first come out, to really entice you to buy the game and also pay just a tiny bit more so you can get a cool little (and in the case of the RE5 collector's edition I do mean "little") action figure and maybe a booklet from the makers...? Yeah, you know all about that. Well, Infinity Ward says "Take THIS, previously-awesome-but-no-longer-worthy collector's editions of the 2,000-and-late! We're gonna call OURS a 'Prestige' edition AND give people fully-functional night vision goggles!"

Seriously, take a look. Would this hair lie to you?

This begs the question: DO I NEED THIS?! The answer: Absolutely, I do. Now, "can I afford this?" ... completely different question with a completely different answer.

OH, and they're also coming out with a "Hardened" (*snicker*) edition, but it doesn't have night goggles so it might as well not exist.

This post can really be summed up by one enthusiastic person's comment on the YouTube video above: "awsome465: dude NIGHT VISION GOGGLES!!!" Indeed, awsome465. Indeed.

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  1. Holy balls. That's just cruel. *covets*

    Also? That tiny Chris Redfield action figure I got with my Collector's Edition RE5? Niko knocked him off my dresser and he broke onto 3 pieces.