Wednesday, July 8, 2009

You have to wonder about the state of her shower drain.

A few weeks ago I realized that I was in a bit of a gaming conundrum. There is a game set to release in a few months that has caught my attention on two fronts: one for its gameplay and presentation and the other for its female protagonist - a centuries-old witch thrust into modern times who simultaneously battles forces from her past. The problem? The abovementioned heroine wears a suit made of her own bewitched hair and every time she casts a spell said hair disappears from her body. Yeeeah.

Enter Bayonetta:

When I saw the initial trailer for this game all the anticipation I felt toward it vanished. You can view that trailer here and judge for yourself but I’ll never forget the way I felt when it hit 30 seconds in; I truly felt dirty watching it. Try as I might though, I’m still curious about this game. I have heard that the extreme nature of the gameplay shouldn’t make one disregard it as the game flows extraordinarily well and this video of all of Bayonetta’s combos helped pique my interest again. Though, honestly, I’m still pretty uneasy about it. It continues to amaze me as to how much we rely on sexuality – mainly female sexuality – to sell products. Could Bayonetta not have been just as effective, strong, and enticing of a character with all her clothes on?

I suppose I’ll see once the game is released but as it stands, I’m more skeptical about it than I am positive. Hopefully, Bayonetta’s personality will reveal itself to be something with a bit more substance than her choice of attire but I have a feeling she’ll go down in video game history as that sexy-naked-hair-chick.


  1. Yeah, I'm not really impressed, and still wasn't by the combo video... but you know how I feel about that style of video game.

  2. But Lynsey! What will happen when everyone finds out we don't agree on everything?!! The scandal!