Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Panties still on? Good.

Here's the idea.

The gaming world is a busy, busy world, full of lots of different people from lots of different places. Up to this point, this world has been largely represented by men. But if you're a regular reader of's Gamer Spotlight, you'll know there's a lot of girls out there, too. (And, no, I do NOT own a Wii. No offense to those who do.)

So here's an introduction and I will be speaking on Cary's behalf because, well, I can.

CARY: 20-something student pursuing her Master's degree in Applied Sociology. She claims her top 5 Xbox games to be Fallout 3, Grand Theft Auto IV, Bioshock, Left 4 Dead, and The Orange Box.

LYNSEY: 20-something student pursuing her Master's degree in English with a concentration in Creative Writing. She claims her top 5 Xbox games to be Bioshock, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Left 4 Dead, Gears of War 2, and Resident Evil 5.

Obviously, we share similar interests, but also... not so much.

This blog is a place where we can chat about gaming. All aspects. We also fully intend to begin a podcast (when the time becomes available) to do the same thing this blog intends to do: speak on behalf of women in this world mostly composed of men. This is not about man-bashing, this is simply about bringing a new view to the table.

If you don't like what we say, feel free to leave and/or ignore us, but if you start a flame-war, be advised that Cary has some pipe bombs and she loooooves to use 'em.


  1. Haha I am suddenly reminded of the time we were playing Left 4 Dead and were in the sewer, just alerted the horde, you threw a pipe bomb . . . and it hit the rail and exploded on us.


  2. Accidents happen, Cary. That's why they're called accidents.