Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Remember, Remember the . . . 18th of . . er, May.

Some days everything just comes together, though maybe a little too much at times. May 18th, 2010 has officially become one of those days, my friends. We've known for awhile that the long-awaited Alan Wake is set to release that day and soon after we found out that Read Dead Redemption was pushed back to that same day. I am ridiculously excited for both games and not really thrilled that they have to compete for my time - well, okay, not really, Alan Wake all the way - but such is the life of a gamer *insert violin music here*.

Both of those combined really aren't too bad but now, it's just getting a tad ridiculous; a new Dragon Age: Origins DLC has been announced and confirmed for May 18th.

Pity me, people.

As I'm currently nearly done with my fourth play through (yes, sadly you read that right) of Dragon Age: Origins, knowing there is an upcoming DLC makes me incredibly happy. Knowing that it's coming the same exact day as Alan Wake and Red Dead Redemption? Slightly less happy. Still, May 18th is bound to be an epic day. I should also mention that my little sister was born on that day. Thankfully, she's a big nerd too so her present can be a pot of coffee and and two of us talking each other's ears off about video games.

One more thing before I close this post, have you all seen the new Dead Space 2 trailer? Mmmm goodness, I'm a little excited for that too. They should totally push the release date up to May 18th:


  1. Damn, it feels good to be a gamer?

  2. Wait, wait, wait . . . PC load letter? What the fuck does that mean?