Sunday, May 23, 2010

Play Like a Girl - Episode 6

Hey all! Episode 6 is now live! You can listen below or subscribe to us on iTunes by searching for playlikeagirlblog. As always, thanks for the support and we hope you enjoy the show!

As an aside, please be aware that because Lynsey and I are poor gamers and cannot afford to put any actual money into our show I've had to delete previous episodes to make room for the new. So if for some reason you hadn't downloaded episode 1 . . . sorry, it's gone to the great beyond.


  1. Mind if I ask what's in this one? And if it's spoiler free? I'm on Episode 6 in Alan Wake, so if there's a lot of details about it, I'll probably hold off listening until I finish

  2. Justin -

    Lots and lots and lots of spoiler filled talk about Alan Wake. Best you stay away for now ;)

    ~ Cary