Thursday, August 13, 2009

Zombies, Avatars, and Patrick Stewart.

While our podcast is being reviewed at iTunes you can currently download or stream the first episode from our Podcast's new home.

I think Lynsey put it best when she said our show is essentially like the phone conversations we have only recorded. Certainly nothing formal but still fun I think. Even a little informative.

Any comments and/or suggestions would be most welcome.

Thanks guys!


  1. -I share Cary’s hatred for Halo.

    -LOL at the playlikeagirl bitch stealing your url.

    -Yay! For Man v Tank!

    -Oooh the pregnant woman/Flake joke killed me.
    Can't wait for more of these. Nice to hear your voices!

  2. Thanks so much for listening Kendall - it means a lot :)

  3. Kendall. You are made of awesome.

  4. Fanks, guys! I listened through the whole thing, too!