Monday, August 10, 2009

So what are you doing tonight?

From the time I saw the trailer almost two years ago I was unbelievably excited about the documentary,
Second Skin. It's a film that follows the lives of people who play MMORPGs, or, Massively Multiplayer On-Line Roleplaying Games such as World of Warcraft and Everquest. At the time of the first trailer's release I also happened to be very into the former of those two games - playing on a nearly daily basis for anywhere from 30 minutes to 6 hours at a time. Gradually, I lost interest in World of Warcraft and when I bought myself a new computer I found that I had no desire to re-install it. Still, it is with great fondness that I think of the time I spent playing that game.

I met dozens of interesting people whom I would consider friends. I had a fantastic time riding around Azeroth and finding people to hook up with to complete quests. I loved the excitement of looting a kill and finding that a blue item had dropped and I still remember being in Stranglethorn Vale and having that troll drop a purple dagger for me. So, so, awesome.

Therefore, it's very easy for me to understand how people can become so enamored and obsessed with virtual worlds and I do not pass any type of judgement but oh man does it fascinate me and this film delves right into the heart of it: real people who's lives have been changed - in one way or another - by MMORPGs. Plus, it has appearances from of the hosts from the podcast World of Warcast which I listened to religiously during my time spent playing WoW. Pretty cool stuff.

Today I discovered that you can watch this documentary in its entirely on Hulu, something which I plan on doing very, very soon and would highly encourage the rest of you to do as well.

Click here, enjoy, and comment!


  1. I'll definitely have to check that out when I've got some time on my hands.

  2. It was very, very interesting. It did a great job at showing both sides both positive and negative.