Saturday, August 29, 2009

Numbers can be . . . fun?

A while ago Lynsey and I were given the opportunity to check out two unreleased iPhone games and give our opinion. Since we both love Macintosh products and free stuff, we happily accepted. Our schedules have been rather busy lately with both of us preparing for a new semester but I have finally gotten a chance to sit down and play one of the abovementioned games called “Fortune’s Prime”:

The two games we were given the chance to check out are educational games. You can read more about the company and the games themselves here.

Now, as difficult as it is to create a good game I would image it would be ten times as hard to create a good and engaging educational game, let alone a math game. Yeah, I kinda threw up a little after writing that last bit. Math is not my friend.

Which is one of the main reasons why I was curious to see if I could get even remotely interested in this game. In “Fortune’s Prime” you are given several cards and then asked to identify the prime numbers within the cards. By successfully doing so you increase your score and open up opportunities for bonus points.

Seems simple enough - and it is.

What’s interesting though is that before I knew it a half an hour had passed. This game, despite its simplicities, really is somewhat addicting. Now, I’m not saying that I would play this game before Fallout 3, but if I had a child and was interesting in educational games for him or her I honestly would pick this one up right away.

It’s fun, engaging and educational. Not a common combination.

I hope the second game is just as good, which I plan to check out in the near future.

Now for some quick hitters: the other night my boyfriend sat me down and together we played about an hour of the original Halo and about two hours of Halo 2. Soon after that, Lynsey and I decided to take on campaign of Halo 3 which I had never done before though I had dabbled in the multiplayer.

Personally, I found the story in Halo 3 to be . . . alright. It wasn’t amazing but it wasn’t bad either. It had great moments and really tedious ones but I do appreciate the series now far more than I did before. I have also found myself craving the multiplayer mode which I never thought I’d say.

So if you see a pink Spartan with an orange cat emblem, say hello.

The only thing keeping me from playing more Halo 3 right now is that I rented Batman: Arkham Asyulm and will only have it until tomorrow night. That game is just . . . well, wait a few days for my review ;)

Also, Lynsey and I will have another podcast once she gets settled in her new apartment. Thanks again to everyone who downloaded the first show!

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