Monday, December 6, 2010

Cut Off The Limbs, Lara!

Okay people, first and foremost: I promise this blog is still alive. Things have just been very, very busy for Lynsey and me these last few months but there will most certainly be an effort to update more in the near future. Please know that even though we may not always respond we very much appreciate every comment and reader we get.

Truly <3

Now, on to business.

There were two pieces of news that came out today that are definitely worth mentioning. First were two new videos posted by GameInformer showing new footage from the upcoming, "Dead Space 2". The first (and most interesting) shows the game's art developer, Ian Milham, explaining some footage from the multiplayer which I admit I was really indifferent toward and now, having seen it I'm . . . well, I'm still pretty apathetic. The original "Dead Space" was so intensely effective largely due to the overwhelming sense of isolation; I'm still really not sure what the purpose of "Dead Space" multiplayer is and I can't help but notice the pretty glaring similarities to "Left 4 Dead 2". I'm certainly not saying I won't give it a shot but I really just don't understand the appeal.

The second video is more footage of the Milham explaining what players can expect in terms of scares in the sequel. It's nothing we haven't heard before - less cheap, jump scares and more atmosphere - but it's still exciting to watch.

For me though, the biggest surprise today came from Crystal Dynamics and the surprise announcement of a re-boot to the Tomb Raider series:

Despite the series hit-or-miss history, I've always had a soft spot for Ms. Croft and considered "Tomb Raider: Underworld" to be the most overlooked game of last year. This re-boot of the series which promises a young and experienced Lara as she struggles to develop her sense of adventure - and self - has me really, really excited.

It may also seem like a superficial thing - mainly because it is - but this cover also has me more hopeful for a more realistic, gritty Lara. It's silly but I'm honestly dying to see a muscle flex in her arm as she pulls herself up a rock face.

That, and less jiggle-action.

I suppose time will tell.

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