Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Veins Are Useless

While attempting to turn Lynsey on to the wonders of Dragon Age: Origins last night I came to two realizations: one, she’s probably not going to pick it up again. Two, I could totally play that game all the way through for a fifth time. So I snatched my game back and popped it in my 360 to start up a new character and I noticed something – the new DLC entitled, “Witch Hunt” had been released. Not only that, but another DLC that I hadn’t even heard of called “The Golems of Amgarrak” had been out almost a month.

Then something else hit me.

I’ve played a shit ton of downloadable content for Dragon Age: Origins.

7 to be exact, which isn’t including the full-size expansion (which I enjoyed) “Awakening” and the above mentioned “The Golems of Amgarrak” which I have no interest in playing.

7 DLCs, 7 purchases at about 7 bucks a pop. Oh, and about 2 bucks for those feastday gifts/pranks.

When you add in the 40 bucks I spent on “Dragon Age: Awakening” and, of course, the 60 for the original game, I’m looking nearly $150 dollars on this one game. Now, I’ve also spent about 150 hours of time playing through the world of Ferelden so it’s hard for me to argue that I haven’t gotten my money’s worth but . . . I don’t know . . . something feels wrong here.

Maybe it’s because aside from “Leliana’s Song”, “The Stone Prisoner”, and “Return to Ostagar” which I really enjoyed, the other small DLCs were just . . . well, okay. Hang on, that’s not really true. “Darkspawn Chronicles” and “Witch Hunt” were pretty bad, even aggravating.

This is the first time I’ve spent so much money on downloadable content on a single game and really haven’t been that satisfied with most of it. Would I do it again? Probably not. But at the same time, I feel that because I loved the core game so much . . . I don’t know, I feel compelled to continue it?

You know . . . typing this out has made me think I have a slight issue with this game.

But I’m just gonna go ahead and blame Bioware and their microtransactions.

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  1. It's also really depressing when you consider how great all the story-based DLC has been for Mass Effect 2, but Dragon Age gets the short-end of the quality.