Friday, April 23, 2010

Here's to you, William.

So I could talk about the level design, the music, the fallen survivors, the golf club of WIN, the M60, the new midnight riders song, the zombie wedding, the footlockers, the weekly mutations or all the other things that make "The Passing" fun as hell, but I'd rather just show you a montage of the best reasons:


  1. Good bunch of clips.. Me and a buddy got through it last night in a little less than 2 hours.. It was full of left 4 dead goodness.. Gotta play it a few more times and get some achievements.. Gotta recruit a couple to get the Achievement for Kiting the Tank. Much fun was had.. Think we had 2500 zombie deaths haha

  2. Our group was very surprised to get the "kite like a man" achievement last night. It just . . . happened for us. We were sure we'd have to plan for it.