Saturday, January 2, 2010

Words . . . er,Instructions of Wisdom

This past week I spent a delightful couple of days with Lynsey in her temporary, non-graduate school residence and watched her press on like the brave little toaster she is in Dead Space. The visit was full of lots of laughs, games, beer, and inappropriate jokes. In fact, the only crappy thing about it was the 12 hours it took me to drive to her. So, on my journey back I decided to cut my trip in half and stay at a hotel. Thankfully, I had my Xbox 360 with me for entertainment, right?

Well, yes. But I was thinking having the console with me was going to do dick until I found an incredibly helpful forum post.

Now, I had heard the stories of hotel televisions not having video input/output (see video below) which is supposed to encourage the consumer to purchase entertainment from the hotel but really just ends up pissing people off. Well, this hotel I'm staying in indeed has a video input but no auxiliary button on the remote or television. I call down at the front desk to check and sure enough, they say there is no way for me to view my "DVD player" on their TV.

I'm irritated.

So I do some web surfing and come across this forum posting. It would behoove any gamer who travels to check it out. It worked like a charm and I am getting ready to spend the night playing some serious Assassin's Creed 2 thanks to it.

Enjoy, children! And buonanotte!

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