Saturday, November 14, 2009

REVIEW: Modern Warfare 2

First of all, I'd like to thank everyone who reads this blog. We recently discovered that we were linked on an article from and we're extremely grateful for the attention this blog has received. A step beyond that, I'm pleasantly surprised at the amount of enlightening and intellectual discourse we've had on this blog, as well. I truly expected far more wank but, even on Cary's latest blog entry about a controversial scene in Modern Warfare 2, it's been nothing but great conversation. And that is awesome.


I looked back at the tags for our blog and was supremely disappointed in myself for the lack of Modern Warfare 2 entries and mentions. Cary and I have been caught up in the Left 4 Dead 2 craze, admittedly. That doesn't forgive the fact that we've been remiss in discussing what is, undoubtedly, one of the best games of the year.

Game Informer gave Modern Warfare 2 a rating of 9.75 out of 10 and my only question is: what does a game have to do to earn that .25? MW2 has accomplished what every sequel should hope to -- keep, at its core, what makes it what it is, while expanding upon that core with small details that give this game that extra edge and the feeling that, just maybe, the developers listened to their fan base while making the sequel.

Cary and I are in agreement: we liked this game more than the first. Many people might agree that the "Shock and Awe" mission in the first Modern Warfare was jaw-droppingly thrilling, but who would argue that there aren't at least five of those moments in Modern Warfare 2? This game doesn't let up -- even when you're not knee-deep in "the shit," you're hanging to a space station, being thrown to Earth after a massive explosion. I think Infinity Ward may have just brought the qualifications of "epic" to epicly higher standards.

Even after being in awe of this game, Cary and I played some Special Ops mission last night and we found ourselves saying "okay, one more mission and that's it" until, before we knew it, we had unlocked the achievement for receiving 8 stars in Special Ops and I can tell you, without fear of repudiation, that we are nowhere near being done with Special Ops missions. And just like I did with the first Modern Warfare, I will be trying my hand at beating some missions on Veteran difficulty.

I really don't know what else to say except that this game is a performance of true artistry and that you shouldn't waste a moment of contemplation about buying this game -- do it now.


  1. Couldn't have said it better myself.

    No complaints.

    My issues with the airport sequence seem so far removed now that I've finished it and talked about it with you.

    Great, great, GREAT game.

  2. DOOD! Congrats on being recognized on that blog! Ya'll are doing a fantastic job, by the by. Funny, cogent, informed.

  3. Cary: That scene doesn't even really stick out first in my mind when I think of the game, anymore. And, um, maybe you should replay the first game?

    Kendall: Thank you, dear!

  4. Now that I've finally picked up and beaten the game, I have to agree - it pretty much one-upped the first all around. And the airport mission, in context of the whole game, is kind of necessary to the whole plot. But like Lynsey said, I hardly remember that mission after beating the game.

    Also, Veteran in this game is REALLY simple. They did a nice job cutting back on the grenade spam and infinite spawn points. My first play through of CoD games is always on vet., and it usually takes a few days. This one? 5 hours, one sitting. Easiest CoD on vet., but it was still a GOOD challenge.

  5. Bill -

    You are a freak.

    That is all.

    LOL, nah - I'm just jealous. My twitch response is not nearly what it needs to be to do these type of games on anything but normal.

    ~ Cary

  6. Bill: Like Cary, I am also very impressed. I'm definitely looking forward to going back and trying some missions on Veteran. I managed to beat a couple in the first Modern Warfare on Veteran, but some felt damn near impossible.