Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Episode 3 is Live!

Hey all! Episode 3 of the Play Like a Girl Podcast is now live! You can listen below or by looking up "playlikeagirlblog" on iTunes and subscribing to us there. Personally, we prefer iTunes - and your reviews.

Thanks for the support, everyone!


  1. YAAAAY! I was looking forward to this podcast!!

    Thank you for going course by course. And I totally thought LOTR when you talked about counting fallen enemies! My complaints with the first game were so small [didn't have a real sense of where I was or who I was in relation to these people] but because of the nature of the game, ya know, end of the world and all that, I thought the confusion added to the experience.

    HOWEVER. After seeing "Zombieland" and seeing that human relationships can actually work in a post-zombie-apocalyptic setting, I'm thrilled to hear about the sequel and how the characters interact. SQUEEE!

  2. You're so damn sweet, Kendall. Thanks so much for listening.

    And yeah, Zombieland was pretty much Left 4 Dead on screen. I adored it!