Friday, January 20, 2012


What would it take to coax this blog out of a three-month hiatus, you ask?

The announcement that Leon S. Kennedy and Chris Redfield would be teaming up in the next official installment of the Resident Evil series.

Oh my God.

Honestly . . . I’m not totally sure I can handle Leon’s incredible one-liners and Chris’ magical triceps together. I sincerely hope at one point they piss each other off and engage in an epic battle of fisticuffs and that we’re treated to some more boulder-punching action. People are generally pretty split on how the Resident Evil series is developing; its certainly strayed away from traditional horror into more action but I certainly wouldn’t say its forgotten its roots. In the trailer we see Leon creeping down very familiar looking hallways, streets of the undead sauntering about and hints of a plot that is already way too ridiculous. However, instead of the tank controls and fixed angles of past games we’re now given more freedom. Hell, it even looks as though the ability to move and shoot will finally be included. Remember how awesome it was to be able to strafe in Resident Evil 5?

It’s the little things folks.

So yeah, I’m pretty damned excited about how this game looks so far. They’ve given Leon a more butch appearance but I was relieved to discover his jazz legs are still fully functional. My only real apprehension? I think that’s Ashley’s voice. In fact . . . I'm pretty damned certain. Instantly, I flashed back to “help me, Leon!” and “catch me, Leon!” and “Ahhhh! Leon!” and nooooo, don’t make me escort her through this game too! No, no, no! But wait a second, if that is her (it totally is) not only does she appear more independent but working with what appears to be a Wesker (Alex?). So . . . Ashley could be back and now working for the dark side. Interesting. I wonder if she goes off the deep end after Leon kills her zombie daddy?

I’m also curious if the “bitch” Chris’ is screaming about is Ada. I’d love to see more of her.

So thank you, Capcom. Good to know there will be something to look forward to after Bioshock: Infinite is released.

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