Monday, December 14, 2009

I could not make this up.

I'm having one of those existential crisis moments, I think. Where I question everything that I've ever known about gaming, and everything I've ever known about Cary. These two things are intertwined, in this case, and also just as important as the other.

Last night, while playing 1 v. 100 Extended Play, Cary randomly said, "Ya know, when they do Left 4 Dead 3, they should have the new survivors meet up with the old survivors. I wanna see Nick and Francis meet." First of all, I was thinking "Left 4 Dead THREE, woman?! Impatient, much?" and then I think I answered, "In your dreams, Cary." Well...

Valve has released information on the first DLC for Left 4 Dead 2 and, guess what, the new survivors are going to be meeting up with the previous survivors. Nick, Coach, Rochelle, Ellis... meet Bill, Francis, Zoey, and Louis. No, no. There's no need to explain the situation to them. The phrase 'been there, done that' comes to mind.

This new DLC is called "The Passing" and Valve is calling it “the most important campaign in the Left 4 Dead story.” It's taking place down south in Georgia, there's going to be some new weapons, and also some new uncommon infected. You can read more about it here at GameInformer.

In the meantime, prepare thyselves. I'm headin' South this Spring. And I'm bringing Cary with me: her clairvoyance could keep us out of a lot of trouble when we're knee-deep in Georgian zombie blood.


  1. This is VERY exciting. But I can't help but feel as though I've already spent too much money on the L4D franchise. Trust me when I say that I'll get over it in a hurry. I love me some L4D!

  2. Really excited.. I got a little mad when I saw I had to pay for the Xbox version of Crash Course where it was free on the PC version.. I can't picture it being different this time so better start gathering my MS points..

  3. There are no words to express my joy.

    No words.

    Also? FEAR ME!

    ~ Cary

  4. Dana: It's kind of sad to think about how much money I've given them. And ya know what? No regrets, because I also can't even begin to think about how much TIME I've spent playing L4D.

    Witchslasher: I definitely understand that. When Crash Course was announced, I seem to remember hearing it was going to be 500-some MS Points, then it turned out to be 800-some, which was disappointing but when I went to purchase it I think I said, "800? .... Whatever. *download*" I think Microsoft is going to have to take the blame for that, though.

  5. What, WHAT?! In Georgia?! SJKHFKSJDHF I hear Samantha squealing from here.